Crank It Up

Laptop Guys Crop Fotolia_778008_M

Sunday – August 11


BLOODSTONE acting sessions start again

at that soon-to-be legendary rendezvous

CAP21 Studios

18 West 18th St

Alternating Sundays thereafter until the Thanksgiving nip’s in the air.

For details, see the Workshops page

Look for a couple of monologues, scenes, or other pieces to dig into.  Got a project you’d like to get standing? Need some feedback?  Bring it in.  On. On in.

Yak about material to work on, or next steps for building your craft, on the Actor Yak page (password supplied to workshop participants). Some might want to gang up on Suzy to do another on-camera session. Conspire in some dark digital corner, pick an unclaimed Sunday morning for some specialized coaching for tv/film work, then make Contact to set a time to talk with Bill or Suzy on the phone.

Time to heat up your game a notch or two? Join us for surprising results. Put the shadow behind you.  Step into the light.


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