Ibsen’s Foresight Goes Online

We were halfway through planned rehearsals for Bill’s project for Spring 2020, adapting and directing Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People in Belfast, ME, when production was brought to a standstill on March 12th. We adjusted – along with the rest of the theater world – to the onset in earnest of the pandemic.

After two weeks of mourning (and sleep), we picked ourselves up and recorded a reading of our work to that point via Zoom. We took this leap as much for company members’ closure as for the original purpose of the production: getting people to talk about issues in the play that parallel our public issues today, 140 years after it was written.

Recording sessions took place over four weeks, and under challenging circumstances. For one thing, bandwidth and thus our sound and video quality both dropped greatly as the evenings wore on, doubtless from more and more self-isolating people going online to stream movies. Two of our cast members were getting online from way out on their rural farmsteads. Some of the cast only had cell phones to join sessions with. And like that.

So while the technical finish was not exactly broadcast-ready, the performance work we had done through the mid-point of planned rehearsals did show through, and brought the play to life for the company and our local theater community. Produced by the recently re-branded Midcoast Theater Company, Belfast, Maine – Jason Bannister, Artistic Director.


Falls for Jodie

A new play by Eric Micha Holmes, resident playwright with the National Black Theater of Harlem. Falls for Jodie is a personal, compassionate portrait of John Hinckley, Jr.’s descent into bigotry, radicalization, and gun violence, set just months before his attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life.

Talkbacks after every show include the artists and anyone else interested in constructive discussion about the national epidemic of desperation among young men.

March 6 – 17, 2019. Produced by Trevor Vaughn of Brooklyn Pearl Studio and Josh Gladstone, Artistic Director of the John Drew Theater at Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY


JE CHRISTINE in Performance

JeChristine Poster 170202

Suzanne Savoy’s tour-de-force, Je Christine, is an intimate depiction of Christine de Pizan’s life, when climate change, epidemics, civil unrest, political division, and foreign invasion devastated the country. Born in Venice in 1364 and married at age 15 to a French nobleman, she was widowed at twenty-five, after which she supported her mother, children and nieces through her writing. Her works include courtly poetry, a book on warfare and chivalry, the official biography of King Charles V, and her beautifully illuminated The Treasure of the City of Women.

Suzanne Savoy is an educator, actor and designer. A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, Ms. Savoy has performed in numerous productions of classical works. As an educator, she created, designed, and directed productions based on classical literature.

Available for Booking





The Sealskin

A Shadow Play

with Music and Shadow Puppets


West of Roan

Annie Schermer & Channing Showalter


Sunday – October 23, 2016


Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse

977 Bridgehampton / Sag Harbor Turnpike

Bridgehampton, NY 11932

Running Time – 1 Hour



The Sealskin

is the story of the son

of a fisherman and a seal-woman,

a boy born of two worlds

and at home in neither.

This original story is inspired by

old myths and legends of the Seal People,

told with puppetry, song, and shadows.

What wounds are felt

when mothers and grandmothers

give up some of their wildness

in order to have an idea of home?

Can their children’s souls find wholeness?

Can we love with freedom?

The seal-woman’s children are asking.



West of Roan 

Channing Showalter & Annie Schermer













A Children’s Nightmare

in gleeful, physical verse.


Intruders stalk the darkness

round a family’s lonesome hut.

Two young children

try to save their parents

from a nasty killer’s knife.


Medieval German Fairground Kabuki


“The steel is hard, the flesh is soft!“ 



Bloodstone Theatrical



by Peter Weiss

at the

New York International Fringe Festival

performed by

Mary C. Davis*      Mel House*

Ethan Angelica*      David Logan Rankin*

Evan Zes*      Jack Herholdt*


Juan Herrera on Percussion

*Members of Actors Equity Association of America
An Equity Approved Showcase

Stage Management by Maxwell Waters

Translation by Laurence Dobie

Designs by Suzanne Savoy

Directed by Bill Burford


Night with Guests represents the turning point

for one of the great artists of our time:

painter, filmmaker, and writer Peter Weiss.


This largely unknown one-act “study”, written

in January of 1963, moved him from the

introspection of his early plays 

– surreal, psychological, detached –

into the rough-hewn, explosively theatrical

engagement of street performance.


Night with Guests opened the gates for Weiss

to become the guy who one year later would

challenge the whole world with Marat/Sade.


While drawing on the delights of Kabuki,

Punch & Judy, and fairground performances, 

Weiss also called this little play a morität, 

a tale of dread and murder, 

like those sung by street performers in

central Europe since the 15th Century.



Produced with the gracious support of

NYC’s Materials for the Arts, the TDF Costume Collection

the John Drew Theater of Guild Hall, East Hampton – Josh Gladstone, Artistic Director

and through the donations of interested individuals like you.

Night with Guests is a Sponsored Project of Fractured Atlas.




Bloodstone Theatrical produces a benefit reading of nationally-recognized Sag Harbor playwright Joe Pintauro’s MEN’S LIVES on Saturday, October 8th at 3pm at the 18th Century Sylvester Manor on Shelter Island, between the North and South Forks of
Long Island, New York’s East End.  For directions and tickets see http://www.sylvestermanor.org.

The reading will be part of the annual Plant & Sing harvest festival at Sylvester Manor, the oldest continuously existing plantation in the United States, and a property still under supervision of the original family (in its 13th generation!).  Now an educational, organic CSA farm, Sylvester Manor is also widely known as a cultural center for traditional arts, and in particular the Work Song: songs sung the world around by people while they work.  To this day, Sylvester Manor’s farmers are expert practitioners of this ancient artform.

MENS’ LIVES, adapted from Peter Matthiessen’s moving book of the same name, chronicles the onslaught of modern Hamptons culture on the traditional fishing culture on the East End of Long Island. “Bonackers’, the European families who’ve made a largely subsistence living on these waters for centuries, often use techniques taught to them generations ago by the native Montaukets. While instructive, it is also a tale told with poetry, sensitivity, and the passion that drives these hard lives.

Good for kids 12 and older.

Readers are drawn from Bloodstone Theatrical’s East End company of seasoned professional performers.