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Suzanne Savoy brings to life a fierce advocate for the dignity and power of women in her moving portrayal of Christine de Pizan: 15th Century French poet of remarkable range, pioneering artist/entrepreneur, philosopher, and adviser to kings and queens.

Translated from the original middle French by Ms. Savoy, the 70 minute solo performance is presented entirely in Christine de Pizan’s own words. The first woman in Europe to make her living as a professional writer, she was a major voice in the introduction of Humanism to the Continent at the end of the Middle Ages, and remains a model to this day for any struggling artist/entrepreneur.

Je Christine includes de Pizan’s fiery public defense of women against the major literati of her time, as well as the true tale – told in verse – of a magical visit to her daughter. In the play de Pizan also shares a glimpse of the training she provided for the French heir-apparent, including studies in leadership, international law, and military strategy. Perhaps best of all, Savoy interprets how de Pizan herself might have performed some of the poetry that made her famous.

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From the Montauk Library:

Je Christine

Suzanne Savoy

Actor & Playwright  

This dramatic performance brings late-medieval literary figure Christine de Pizan to life. Suzanne Savoy’s tour-de-force, Je Christine, is an intimate depiction of de Pizan’s life when climate change, epidemics, civil unrest, political division, and foreign invasion devastated the country. Born in Venice in 1364 and married at age 15 to a French nobleman, she was widowed at twenty-five, after which she supported her mother, children and nieces through her writing. Her works include courtly poetry, a book on warfare and chivalry, the official biography of Charles V, and her beautifully illuminated The Treasure of the City of Women.

Suzanne Savoy is an educator, actor and designer. She has a recurring role on House of Cards and appears in a new film, The Untouchables. A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, Ms. Savoy has performed in numerous productions of classical works. As an educator, she created, designed, and directed productions based on classical literature.




The Sealskin

A Shadow Play

with Music and Shadow Puppets


West of Roan

Annie Schermer & Channing Showalter


Sunday – October 23, 2016


Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse

977 Bridgehampton / Sag Harbor Turnpike

Bridgehampton, NY 11932

Running Time – 1 Hour



The Sealskin

is the story of the son

of a fisherman and a seal-woman,

a boy born of two worlds

and at home in neither.

This original story is inspired by

old myths and legends of the Seal People,

told with puppetry, song, and shadows.

What wounds are felt

when mothers and grandmothers

give up some of their wildness

in order to have an idea of home?

Can their children’s souls find wholeness?

Can we love with freedom?

The seal-woman’s children are asking.



West of Roan 

Channing Showalter & Annie Schermer











A Children’s Nightmare

in gleeful, physical verse.


Intruders stalk the darkness

round a family’s lonesome hut.

Two young children

try to save their parents

from a nasty killer’s knife.


Medieval German Fairground Kabuki


“The steel is hard, the flesh is soft!“ 



Bloodstone Theatrical



by Peter Weiss

at the

New York International Fringe Festival

performed by

Mary C. Davis*      Mel House*

Ethan Angelica*      David Logan Rankin*

Evan Zes*      Jack Herholdt*


Juan Herrera on Percussion

*Members of Actors Equity Association of America
An Equity Approved Showcase

Stage Management by Maxwell Waters

Translation by Laurence Dobie

Designs by Suzanne Savoy

Directed by Bill Burford


Night with Guests represents the turning point

for one of the great artists of our time:

painter, filmmaker, and writer Peter Weiss.


This largely unknown one-act “study”, written

in January of 1963, moved him from the

introspection of his early plays 

– surreal, psychological, detached –

into the rough-hewn, explosively theatrical

engagement of street performance.


Night with Guests opened the gates for Weiss

to become the guy who one year later would

challenge the whole world with Marat/Sade.


While drawing on the delights of Kabuki,

Punch & Judy, and fairground performances, 

Weiss also called this little play a morität, 

a tale of dread and murder, 

like those sung by street performers in

central Europe since the 15th Century.



Produced with the gracious support of

NYC’s Materials for the Arts, the TDF Costume Collection

the John Drew Theater of Guild Hall, East Hampton – Josh Gladstone, Artistic Director

and through the donations of interested individuals like you.

Night with Guests is a Sponsored Project of Fractured Atlas.